Yes !!!!!!!!! .... but maybe bittersweet

All talk about Blind Guardian, including discussion about tour dates, etc.
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Yes !!!!!!!!! .... but maybe bittersweet

#1 Post by DB-Havoc » 18 Feb 2015 14:49

Found out today the bards are coming back to Australia ... two-shows/

while i'm defiantly gonna make both shows (got tix's already) one line in particular has left me in a bit of despair and was wondering if you guys had any views on what it might mean?

"Do NOT miss out on this tour as it has all the hallmarks of selling out fast and one may just miss seeing this stunning act for the very last time on Australian shores"

i'm hoping this is just marketing gimmick aimed at selling tickets, but what if it isn't and this is in fact the last time they come to Australia. Is this a representation of the fact that their music isn't as popular down here as in some of the bigger markets, or is it a foreboding sign of a trend that might see less touring in the future by the bards in general.

Either way i'm happy to have the chance to see them again, and understand that they cant go everywhere on a regular basis.

Look forward to seeing any of you guys at the concerts

Cheers, Dan

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Re: Yes !!!!!!!!! .... but maybe bittersweet

#2 Post by blind-man » 18 Feb 2015 17:41

I haven't seen absolutely anything suggesting that Blind Guardian will tour less in the future, or that they won't ever go back to Australia. So for now it's pretty safe to assume that this is just a marketing stunt.
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Re: Yes !!!!!!!!! .... but maybe bittersweet

#3 Post by Edain » 18 Feb 2015 19:38

I suppose flying them into Australia for just two shows is horribly expensive, so they're probably just pulling this off as to attract as many people as possible - even if it requires desperate marketing slogans. :mrgreen: But still good for you guys as it gives you the chance to see them live. :D

This years tour is even bigger than the last one(s?) as far as I know - it doesn't really seem likely for them to cut back on tours in the future.
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Re: Yes !!!!!!!!! .... but maybe bittersweet

#4 Post by Orodaran » 18 Feb 2015 21:55

In music nothing that is being billed as the last ever really is. 8)
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Re: Yes !!!!!!!!! .... but maybe bittersweet

#5 Post by sciacallo010 » 19 Feb 2015 10:39

A guy asked the same in a comment on the news on Facebook and they answered that they didn't write the press release, don't despair! :D

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